Benefits of Learning the History of the Past

Benefits of Learning the History of the Past – Studying history is often underestimated by some people because it is not considered important, boring, but you know that actually learning history is very fun, said the academics who are knowledgeable in history, it is the recreation of academics in the past.

The writing of History is a record of what humans have thought, said and done (J.V. Bryce). Bung Karno, Indonesia’s precedent has also made a term about the importance of history with the phrase “Jas Merah”, don’t forget history.

In other words history is indeed important to learn, but often history lessons are not considered important, especially when the teacher tells a long story about history, we also feel that in the fairy tale we are going to sleep, and finally sleep really.

However, for people who have an interest in history, it is certain that they will be enthusiastic when the teacher explains in class or even reads books related to history by themselves.

Benefits of Learning the History of the Past

History is actually very important to learn, therefore history is learned in every school curriculum.

Here are some of the benefits of studying history:

Open the knowledge
By studying history we will have a broader view of the world, by studying history we can also see a different point of view every problem that occurs, then we can see how the problem can occur and we can assume what will happen as a result of these problems. so that we can understand what is happening around us.

From history we can also learn the ins and outs of living things or things, then we not only look at an object from how it functions, but we will understand how it was created.

Train To Be More Critical
By studying a lot of history, usually we will be more curious about what we read, especially if there are cases that make us curious, it could be objects or people, for example “who actually created the Boroburu temple?”

These questions will lead us to think critically, and we will definitely find out about the correct answers to these questions and there are many truths in history that are still hot to discuss and need a valid answer to be found.

History as a source of inspiration
Learning history can also be used as inspiration for reaching the future, there are many events in history that can be used as lessons for making decisions in the future. Usually this we get from people’s stories or what we learn from history.

by studying history we can take the good example and leave the bad. because our limited age will not have time to learn all the experiences. therefore we can learn through history

Appreciate History More Because It Is Valuable
The events that we experience today cannot be separated from past events, if if Indonesian fighters had not fought for an independent Indonesia, they might not be able to enjoy life as it is today.

I mean something that happened in the past is the point where the future will begin.

It can be concluded that history is something that is very valuable, because from history we can evaluate it to improve the future to be better, and we can avoid mistakes that have been made in the past that can be avoided not being repeated.

We can feel events in the past

During history lessons, we are invited to imagine these events, we can feel how the conditions at that time, so we seem to have entered space and time in the past.

surely we will imagine how the events we read happened, this is like a recreation of the past, maybe we can even comment on the pros and cons of the history that we learn. and most importantly we can take lessons from what we learn.

That he wrote about the benefits of studying history, hopefully we will care more and want to learn about anything because by learning we can take lessons in our lives.

Because of that, it is not surprising that history is one of the subjects that is always given to students in every school. Starting from elementary, junior high, high school, to college. The history subject matter given varies according to the level. The higher the level of education will usually get a broader history of subject matter.

Not without reason, studying history can provide its own benefits. The benefits of learning history are said to give people the opportunity to understand various kinds of things. Starting from the development of technology, the identity of a society, to being able to understand the problems that occur today.

In addition, the benefits of studying history can also build better citizenship. By studying history, of course every citizen can appreciate the struggle of national figures who contributed to building the country. That way the community can continue the existing struggle to create a country that is advanced, ethical, and has a noble culture.

Thank you and see you next time.

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