Declining Children’s Morale Today

Declining Children's Morale Today

Declining Children’s Morale Today – The millennial generation, or those born in 1990 and above, is considered to have many bad sides by the previous generation. Recently, there have been many immoral cases committed by teenagers, especially students. 

Whether it’s a porn video case, bullying, harassment or other cases. According to previous generations, the millennial generation is now growing for the worse. 

Declining Children's Morale Today

They are narcissistic, gadget enthusiasts, selfish, and spoiled. Various ‘negative facts’ about the millennial generation have also been very visible to us, including having an attitude that tends to be self-centered and does not care about socialization.

Another negative fact is that narcissistic disorder is almost 3 times more common in people in their 20s compared to the current generation aged 65 years and over. 

Declining Children’s Morale Today

In my opinion, there are several causes for the moral decay of the young generation of quality, including:

Lack of parental supervision

I think parental supervision is the main factor in creating a quality young generation. But what happens if parents’ supervision of their children is lacking? Maybe what will happen is that there will be deviations from their children which will result in free association so that it can damage the morals of their children. If a child has bad morals, will he become a quality generation? I don’t think so, or rather, it will just become the trash of society.

Gadget abuse

After the lack of parental supervision, the second problem is gadget abuse. Nowadays almost all and almost every child has a gadget, with the gadget, children tend to be busy with their gadgets. Next, is there any negative content that is accessed by children? Is there gadget abuse in children? When gadgets are used to view negative content or used to play games until they lose track of time, that’s where I think gadgets are being misused. Gadgets should be used for

Declining Children's Morale Today

Media influence

In this case, the media in question is social media. In today’s era technology continues to develop rapidly as well as social media, not a few or even almost all Indonesian children must have been familiar with social media, for example WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. Nowadays, there is a lot of news about adolescent deviation from social media which causes the destruction of moral values ​​and religious knowledge in adolescents. So there needs to be parental supervision of their children in using social media so that there are no deviations or more precisely the misuse of technology.

Indifference to the environment

Due to the guidance of life and the guidance of the times, people nowadays seem to not care about their own environment or the environment around them. Whereas in my opinion caring for the surrounding environment is an effective community control in preventing social crimes in particular and the decline in moral values. Therefore we must learn to respect and remind each other to avoid disputes in the environment.

Moral is a good or bad teaching about a person’s 

behavior or actions in interacting with other people. Moral position is very important in human life, because morality is related to human dignity as the noblest creature on earth. Humans in their lives must be able to distinguish between good and bad, have ethics and manners.

Nowadays, the flow of globalization is increasing, but unfortunately many young people seem to lose their purpose and do not take advantage of positive things, such as creating new innovations that are useful for others. But unfortunately today’s young people are less able to filter western culture that comes to Indonesia. They can’t tell what’s good and what’s bad.

It’s as if all western culture is swallowed by them, starting from the style of dress, daily behavior and westernized lifestyle which is considered something very modern and can be proud of if they can imitate it.

There are several factors that cause the moral decline of today’s youth, including:

1. The entry of westernization culture (westernized culture)

Actually the culture is not wrong, what is wrong is that they cannot filter out the positive and negative things so that they cannot distinguish between good and bad.

2. The mental weakening of the nation’s generation

The moral degradation of the current generation of the nation is caused by a weak mentality that was formed from an early age, and the lack of parental roles in guiding and educating them, thus forming a bad character for them.

3. Technological Development

Indonesia is still referred to as a developing country, because the level of science and technology is still lagging behind compared to European countries.

However, many of them take advantage of the ease of access for negative things, such as looking for pornographic images or videos. If this is done continuously, it will damage the morale of the nation.

Declining Children's Morale Today 4

There are several strategies to foster morale for today’s youth, including:

1. Exemplary

Giving examples and examples is one of the methods used by the Prophet Muhammad. as its main mission in perfecting morals and morals. Here, parents teach something about morals accompanied by examples and concrete evidence will show more significant results. Example,

Parents tell their children to pray and do good deeds. Before ordering this, parents had already implemented it as an example for their children.

2. Habituation

As a parent, you must be able to get used to doing good things such as telling the truth, being fair, respecting each other and avoiding bad things like stealing, fighting and others. Parents should also be able to advise their children to be more polite and courteous to others.

Not a few parents comment that today’s children are different from the previous generation. Some people think that ‘modern’ children are rude and lack manners. Until there is an assumption that it is the result of wrong upbringing. Not infrequently we hear someone say, ‘Didn’t their parents teach them manners?’.

Hemm… It turns out that the problem is not because parents don’t teach politeness, Mother. Educational psychologist Michele Borba, author of UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World, explains that when adults show how modesty is, it takes on its true meaning. When a child says ‘excuse me’ or ‘thank you’, they at least recognize the presence of the other person.

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