The Importance of Education for the Future

The Importance of Education for the Future – Talking about the future, of course the main thing that everyone should pay attention to is the issue of education.

Education plays an important role for the continuity of human life. Through education, quality Human Resources (HR) are printed to become the motor of progress and prosperity of a nation.

Moreover, according to education is a benchmark for progress or not progress of a country. Therefore, everyone must take an active role in advancing a nation and state.

The purpose of educationplus is very important to know, so that humans are aware of how important the future is.

Often you hear that the goal of education is to get a decent job. Indeed, education can guarantee a decent job.

However, that is a bonus from the struggles you have gotten so far. However, on the other hand, you have to swallow the bitterness of life, because there are still many people out there whose education is higher than yours but it is very difficult to get a decent job.

So that we all need to change this statement by knowing the true purpose of education, namely learning to know, learning to do something and learning to become something, learning to live together and learn to be a complete human being.

Those are the pillars that must be understood in relation to the importance of education for the future.

The Importance of Education for the Future

The young generation must be aware that in the future education plays an important role for the progress of every country. Reporting from the educacion plus website in this era of globalization it all depends on the education, knowledge and experience that everyone gets.

Globalization emphasizes all people to be able to compete with outside countries in a healthy manner. Like a jungle competition, who is strong he will be in power and who is weak he will lose.

So that education plays an important role in creating creative, innovative and imaginative human beings so that we are able to compete with foreign countries.

Humans have an important role for themselves in reaching their ideals for the future. So we need to be aware that every human being who has been created must have his own expertise and no human being is stupid.

Then you have to think that reaching your goals is an obligation for yourself. However, achieving goals is not easy, there are many challenges and obstacles that must be faced.

The twists and turns of life in this world are very bitter. People who do not want to struggle and fight themselves will be eliminated by circumstances.

Starting from early education, final education to where we are at a point where we begin to enjoy the results of our hard work.

Education is the main asset for someone to be successful and work in this world. So that education will have an impact and very good prospects for the future of everyone.

That way, everyone hopes that the current young generation will not give up in fighting for their dreams. Because the younger generation is the driving force for the progress of every nation. Therefore, education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change this world.

There are many benefits of education

There are so many benefits that you can get when carrying out education right from an early age. What are the benefits? see my explanation below.

Have an income
Many millennial generations think that education is important as a way or a way to generate their own income. Of course, you as a good child will want to repay what your parents have done while struggling to pay for your school.
This is the basis why you want to graduate on time. Because, if you keep procrastinating your studies, the cost of education that you need to spend every year is just getting bigger.
Therefore, you need to study seriously in order to graduate on time. And, hopefully after graduating from college, you can immediately work at the company of your dreams according to your preferred interests and talents. Hopefully, if you can get a fairly large salary where you work later.

Have a wide association
On campus, the millennial generation is trained and taught to get along with anyone regardless of race, religion, and others. This makes your way of thinking an open minded person, and can see and assess everything from various points of view. Besides that, you can also have lots of friends who you can invite to exchange ideas.
Not infrequently this gives birth to an idea or business idea that you can work on with your friends. For example, establishing a technology startup like Mark Zuckerberg and his friends who founded Facebook while still studying at Harvard.

Increase Self Confidence
Having broad insight and relationships is an advantage that you can use so that other people will listen to what you have to say. Because, if you are not an educated person, you will definitely feel insecure if you have to give your opinion in front of a crowd.

It’s different, for those of you who are educated where your opinion is more likely to be heard by others. For example, when you are demonstrating in front of the DPR RI office, if you are given the opportunity to have a direct dialogue with members of the DPR, it is only people who have a good intellectual level to discuss and represent the aspirations of the demonstrators.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope it is useful for all of you. See you again on another occasion and always be successful.

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