The Importance of Moral Education for Children

The Importance of Moral Education for Children

The Importance of Moral Education for Children – Parents need to realize that children’s education must be accompanied by moral lessons. It is very important to teach children about feelings of caring and social responsibility from an early age.

Education in schools may teach children about the exact sciences, ranging from mathematics, computers, history, or biology. But can these lessons give children what they need for life? Moral education and caring are values ​​that must be fostered at home.

Father and mother certainly still see that there is still a culture that reflects a lack of social responsibility. To overcome this moral crisis, it takes more than hope, that children will naturally develop into adults who are caring and capable of making responsible decisions.

The Importance of Moral Education for Children

Positive moral characteristics do not arise spontaneously. Community involvement is also very important, considering that there are still many children who are not taught about ethics and honesty at home. Unfortunately, there are still many parents who still set a negative example for their children.

The Importance of Moral Education for Children

On many occasions parents may need to involve children actively assessing certain behaviors against real situations. That way, it allows the child to make appropriate moral judgments. Children’s moral maturity is directly related to the way they think about the concepts of justice, rights, equality, and human welfare.

Over time and through various social interactions, children will develop their own understanding of these concepts. That way, their “goodness” is built through their own thinking based on experiences and dialogue with others.

How to Instill Moral Values ​​in Children

The best way to teach moral values ​​to children from an early age can be done by:

Practice What Is Taught

Children will learn from the people around them. So, to teach children about good moral values, fathers and mothers must set good examples for children in everyday life.

Tell Personal Experience

Personal experiences such as stories are usually of interest to children to hear. Tell stories from everyday life, where there is adherence to moral values ​​from positive life experiences. That way, the child will understand it well.

Reward Good Behavior

Implement a system, in which fathers and mothers reward children for using good moral values ​​in life. Praise and appreciation are positive reinforcements that work very well in shaping a child’s character.

Communicate Effectively

Talk or discuss with children every day about how moral values ​​work in everyday life. Parents can discuss articles in newspapers, magazines, or story books and ask the child what he or she would do in a similar situation.

Monitor Television and Internet Usage.

Mom and dad can monitor what kids are watching. Make sure the shows they watch promote good moral values ​​and are age-appropriate.

Moral in school is also very important to be dedicated to children

Moral education is education to make human children moral or humane. This means that moral education is education that does not teach academics, but non-academics, especially about attitudes and good daily behavior. Unfortunately at this time, in Indonesia there are very few or almost no teachers who teach this.

This of course causes the moral destruction of students or students at this time, the impact that is clearly visible is the number of brawls that are happening now.

Currently moral education has been defeated by other education such as mathematics, science, social studies and others. Time at school runs out to pursue academic grades. Students are forced to study hard so that their grades on exams will improve and be able to make the name of the school where they go to school proud.

The Importance of Moral Education for Children 2

Teachers, students, and the government seem to have forgotten that there is a lesson that is more important than that, namely moral education. Education that will be carried until the end of life, education that will determine how he is viewed by other people in the future, education that will make him a useful human being, education that will make him a better person will bring the students to heaven or hell in the future.

Of course we know that the destruction of a country can occur because of the moral collapse of only a few of its citizens. From this sentence, it can be seen that the destruction of a nation does not occur because academic grades deteriorate but because morals are destroyed. It can be concluded that moral education is much more important than academic education. Moral education will determine where this country will develop in the future.

That’s all the information I can share with you. Hopefully useful and see you again.

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