The Importance of Sex Education From Here


The Importance of Sex Education From Here – Sex education is not a common topic discussed in the world. Many educacionplus people, especially parents, think sex is an act, and sex education means providing information about the activity.

In fact, sex education does not mean providing clear information about sexual relations. In sex education, especially for children, they will be given information about intimate organs, how to care for them, and various things that can and should not be done on these organs.

Furthermore, sex education also teaches about the importance of guarding oneself in order to avoid acts of sexual harassment and crimes. Information about free sex and its consequences is also provided, so that teenagers are more aware of their actions and consequences.

Reporting from, here is what parents should convey about sex education according to the stage of the child’s age.

Toddler (1-3 years)

Babies under three years usually start to be curious about the things around them. They will often ask questions about many things, including about their bodies. At this time, you need to provide simple information about the body, especially the intimate parts.

Give catchy terms, how to care for them and the do’s and don’ts for their intimate parts.

Toddler (3-5 years)

As children age 3-4 years old, they need a more diverse range of sex education. Their curiosity also grows, and maybe they will come up with various statements why men and women have different body shapes.

At the age of five, this provides learning about the importance of keeping intimate parts of the body from being touched by just anyone. You need to provide information that their bodies are theirs and theirs private. Teach your children not to give just permission to touch their bodies.

Primary school (6-8 years)

With the development of technology, there is a lot of content about sex that is easily accessible to children. Parental supervision during elementary school is an important thing that you should not take lightly.

The differences between boys and girls are quite obvious to make them more curious. They will explore more about their bodies and find out about the opposite sex.

The Importance of Sex Education From Here

Many elementary school children also experience puberty, so parents must be more prepared if they enter this phase. Give an understanding of menstruation for women, starting from why women experience menstruation, and how to get through the menstrual period.

For men, provide an understanding of the function of their sex organs, and how to care for them.

Junior high school or pre-teen (9-12 years)

As the body develops, at the age of pre-adolescence sex education becomes mandatory that must be given to children. Often crimes and sexual harassment occur in junior high school age children, because of the lack of knowledge of the reproductive organs.

Knowledge about reproduction, basic information about pregnancy, and about sexual harassment, is given to junior high school children so that they are aware of their bodies. It is also important to limit the use of devices, so that children do not seek out things about sex without parental supervision.

High school or teenager (13-18 years)

During adolescence, feelings of attraction to the opposite sex become stronger. It is not uncommon for teenagers to start liking each other and dating. If your child asks about this, provide an understanding if it is natural for children their age.

What needs to be emphasized in sex education for adolescents is the importance of responsibility in responding to the changes in their bodies and feelings. Information about free sex acts and its consequences must be given to adolescents aged 13-18 years.

All Children Must Know About Sex from an Early Age

Every child must know the changes that will occur in their body, the causes of these occurrences, and how to stay healthy even if they occur. With this education, parents can protect children from perpetrators of sexual abuse, such as someone who has pedophilia.

Parents can also form children to be aware of some sex-related diseases and infections, teach them and to regulate their sexual and emotional habits. Parents can also shape it to remain strong even in an unhealthy environment.

Parents must have a close relationship with their children. Therefore, mothers and fathers must always be friends, confidants, and teachers. A child who is accustomed to being trained to talk about anything with his parents will always tell stories without fear of being judged.

Any misconceptions about anything that has to do with sex should be completely explained to the child. In addition, your little one must really be cared for by someone who is very trusted if mom and dad are required to work. All these things must always be considered.

So much information that I can convey to you. Hopefully useful and see you later

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